Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recipe: Noodles Paste (面线糊)

1. Noodles (面线)
2. Small piece of chicken breast meat
3. Minced meat (chicken/pork)
4. Carrot
5. Mushroom
6. Egg
7. Vinegar
8. Salt

1. Slice carrot and mushroom. Set aside.
2. Dip noodles in the water for a while, tear the noodles into smaller pieces, drain it and set aside.
3. Half cook chicken breast meat in water, drain and set aside.
4. Stir fried the mushroom and carrot until they are cooked.
5. Added in some oil, stir fried minced meat, added in ~2.5 bowl of waters and half cooked chicken breast meat.
6. After boiled, added in the pieces of noodles. Non stop stir the soup, until watery soup become dense.
7. Lastly, added in salt, carrot and mushroom and egg.
8. Serve the food when it is hot, with vinegar inside based on personal preferences.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Recipe: Chi Cheong Fun

A. Topping
1. Sesame Oil
2. Soya Sauce
3. Chili Paste
4. Dried Prawn

B. Chi Cheong Fun
1. Potato Starch (1 teaspoon)
2. Rice Flour (0.5 cup)
3. Salt
4. Water (1.5cup)
5. Oil

A. Topping
1. Minced dried prawn.
2. Put in some oil, fried dried prawn till fragnant.
3. Added in chili paste.

B. Chi Cheong Fun
1. Mix potato starch, rice flour with water. Added in some salt. - Mixture1
2. On rectangular tray, put on some oil at the base of tray, pour in Mixture1. Do not pour too much, else Chi Cheong Fun will be too thick.
3. Steam for around 6-8mins.
4, Roll up Chi Cheong Fun, cut into small slices.
5. Put on the chili dried prawn, sesame oil and soya sauce onto Chi Cheong Fun. Serve the food while it is hot.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Recipe: Roti Jala Telur with Curry Chicken

1. Chicken Breast Meat
2. Curry Chicken Paste/Powder
3. Milk Powder
4. Potato
5. Eggs (x2)
6. Corn Starch
7. Sugar
8. Salt
9. Margarine

Preparation: Curry Chicken
1. Cut chicken breast meat into small pieces.
2. Cut potato into small pieces. Boiled them until they are soft. Drained and set aside.
3. Put in curry chicken paste/powder. Added in some water, chicken meat and potato inside. Seasoning the curry with some salt. Set aside after it is ready.

Preparation: Roti Jala Telur
1. Beat 2 eggs thoroughly, added in corn starch, water and some sugar. - Mixture1
2. Heat the pan, with margarine.
3. Slowly pour Mixture1 into pan in circular motion. Refer to image below for the resulting shape.
4. Fold it into 1/4 after it is cook.

Serve the roti jala telur with curry chicken when it is still hot.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Recipe: Sweet and Sour White Fungus Juice

1. Pineapple (1/6)
2. Red Apple (1/2)
3. White Fungus (x2)
4. Sugar (Based on your own preference)

1. Boiled white fungus until it is soft. Drained and put aside.
2. Cut pineapple and red apple into smaller pieces.
3. Added in white fungus, pineapple and red apple, with water into juice blender and blend it.
4. Added in some sugar if you prefer sweet drinks.

Healthy Tips: Don't add too much of sugar for healthy purpose. If can, don't add sugar is the best.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recipe: Enoki Mushroom Bacon Roll

1. Enoki
2. Bacon

1. Wash and cut Enoki mushrooms into half
2. Cut bacon into half
3. Rolls some Enoki mushroom with bacon
4. Fried the bacon rolls using frying pan with its wrapping edge facing down to ensure bacon does not unrolled
5. Serve the food when it is hot

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recipe: Crab Mihun

1. Crab
2. Mihun
3. Pork (Belly Meat)
4. Garlic
5. Ginger
6. Soya Sauce
7. Black Pepper
8. Dark Soya Sauce
9. Sesame Oil
10. Salt

1. Slice garlic and ginger.
2. Slice the pork, marinate with soya sauce, black pepper, sesame oil.
3. Clean the crab and cut into smaller pieces.
4. Half cook mihun with water, drain the mihun, mix with soya sauce, dark soya sauce and black pepper.
5. In a pot, put in the garlic, ginger, marinated pork and crab. Add in some water. Cook for around 15 mins. Added in some salt.
6. Added in mihun into the pot, and cook for around 5mins.
7. Serve the food while it is still hot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Recipe: Chocolate Cookies Roll

1. Cooking chocolates
2. Egg Yolks (x2)
3. Maria Biscuits
4. Can berry
5. Vanilla Essence
6. Chocolate Powder

1. Double boiled cooking chocolates until all of chocolates melt.
2. Slowly added in egg yolks into chocolates. - Mixture 1
3. Add in some Vanilla Essence into Mixture 1. Put aside.
4. Break Maria biscuit into small pieces, and added in above mixture.
5. Stir until all Maria biscuit is covered with chocolate. - Mixture 2
6. Prepare aluminum foil, put on Mixture 2 on aluminum foil. Roll up aluminum foil as if you roll the sushi.
7. Keep the aluminum foil into fridge for 1 night.
8. Unwrap aluminum foil after 1 night, pour on chocolate powder on the chocolate cookies roll.
9. Cut into slices and ready for serving.

Step1 - Do not drop even a bit of water into chocolate. Else will spoil the chocolate.
Step6 - Roll tight of the aluminum foil, else there will be hole in chocolate cookies roll.